We’re off to the races! Jun22


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We’re off to the races!

Today we said hello to summer and goodbye to family.


We spent the morning checking out a couple houses (our first actual visits) and I was happy with what we seemed to have learned in our recent real estate investment course. We are looking at places with little emotion and with a critical attention to the potential red flags. For example patch work on the basement ceiling below the kitchen sink could mean it leaked at one point. This is not maybe a deal breaker but these are simple but important things to know for yourself when making such a big purchase.

Why are we looking at houses you ask? We’re just looking for an investment where we can develop a cash flowing asset over time. It’s not that we really want/need a house in particular, but at this point it may be a good move for us. So we’ll continue to build our skills and be prepared to hopefully make a purchase this fall/winter.

On to other exciting news, we hit the road today! After our final stop to the grocery store for some last minute food supplies and we set our course west for the Yukon. We have some good friends getting married up there in July and we’re happy to have an excuse to take another trip west.

We made it to Sudbury for the night just after 10 pm. It’s a good feeling to be back on the road and back in the van. It feels like home.