Simple day

Today we didn’t make it all that far. We wanted to go for a drive up the Bonavista Peninsula but the weather wasn’t cooperating. We’ve heard its a stunning place and we figure it will be nicer to see if it was sunny so and so we decided to just keep heading east with plans to see it on our way back.
2012 09 16 Church timeSo instead, we drove out of town about an hour, found a little pull off along the way and set up camp.

2012 09 16 Just a pull off2012 09 16 Last flowers of the season2012 09 16 Our stayUnfortunately that grey weather turned into rain and wind which we have discovered is our enemy. It seems we have a pretty severe leak happening in our side double door. It leaked during the hurricane rains but we thought that it was just because of the high winds. It was bad enough that we had to drag out our sauce pan to catch all the water. It looks like we need to find a sunny day and some time to give the van a little TLC.

2012 09 16 Warning