Today the weather was promising compared to last nights rain.

We drove up to the Bay Roberts with an obligatory drive through the town of Dildo, because it was along the way. I don’t know who named these towns but they are quite unique.

2012 09 17 Going to Dildo2012 09 17 drying some laundry We were headed to Madrock’s Cafe to meet our friend Nadine who is visiting Newfoundland on a whim. The last time we were out east in 2010 she showed us some Halifax hospitality and showed us around her city. It was so great to see her again this morning and catch up. We have plans to meet up again in St. Johns in a few days.

After saying goodbye to Nadine we spent our afternoon in some more stunning scenery. Just past the little Madrock’s Cafe is the most amazing view you never thought was there.

2012 09 17 Enjoying the view2012 09 17 Family time2012 09 17 Salmon island2012 09 17 The three sistersIn the evening we continued south towards the Salmonier area so that we cold go see the Salmonier Nature Park in the morning. Unfortunately we found out they were closed due to damage from Tropical Storm Leslie. It was unfortunate, we noticed there were lots of of downed trees in the area, our first sign there was actually a hurricane.

With it getting dark we opted to just find a spot for the night, but seeing a moose (our first out here) in the process was a big sign it was definately time to call it a night.

2012 09 17 Newfoundland Place