Inclement weather

Outrunning Hurricane Leslie is pretty much today’s goal.

2012 09 10 Brigus BayOur friends from last night made the decision to stay in Brigus despite the fact that the predicted path of Hurricane Leslie would be right through the Avalon Peninsula where we were. We weren’t quite sure what we should do, but the whole of Newfoundland has been put under a multiple whether warnings and watches.

Screen shot 2012 09 10 at 6 15 17 PM
We did some research on the previous hurricane to hit Newfoundland (Hurricane Igor – 2010) and ultimately made the call to head west in the hopes that it would be less severe.

Screen shot 2012 09 10 at 1 16 34 PMSo despite the sunny weather, we said goodbye to Rick and Roberta in Brigus, put our work on hold, and we drove west for 4 hours in the hopes that we will be clear out of the path of hurricane Leslie.

2012 09 10 magazine shootJust before leaving, we contemplated how well this empty shelter would work at protecting us. The thought was fleeting as it wouldn’t be very helpful if the tin just blew off in the wind.

So we pressed on, seeing some nice scenery along the way, although we stuck to the highway and stopped infrequently. As we drove we saw road crews worked furiously to get things in order, and we passed about half a dozen ambulances and heavy equipment transport trucks who were headed east in preparation for the potential clean up The whole day had that windy feeling with a slight palpable electricity in the air. It’s similar to the feeling you get before a big thunder storm, except this time, it’s a hurricane.

2012 09 10 amazing view of the bay2012 09 10 Amazing view 2012 09 10 Catching a peek2012 09 10 Running from the hurricane in a Hurricane 2012 09 10 storm is coming2012 09 10 storm is hereIn a different note, today also marks 2 years since we purchased our van. It’s a funny thing because when people ask us why we are going through all the effort to drive halfway through Newfoundland just to escape a little wind we feel like its a no-brainer. To us, it’s not the wind thats the problem, it is what the wind blows around. The very last thing we want is to cause damage to what we feel is an irreplaceable van. Not to mention, that since we have been keenly aware of vans of our era over the past 2 years, we have never found one in quite the same condition as the Firebus. We know its one-of-a-kind and we have been so fortunate to have found such an amazing van to call home.