Hurricane Leslie

We’re spending the day hunkering down in Grand Falls today as a hurricane bashes the east coast of Newfoundland. Although they classified Leslie as a post-tropical storm they have said the sustained winds are hurricane force. In the below picture we are luckily between the towns of Badger and Gander.

The effect here in central Newfoundland was windy and rainy. Not our favourite combination because it has increased how much water leaks into the van. We are usually pretty ok when it rains, but the added wind has pushing water in and caused us to be a bit more damp than usual.

2012 09 11 Rainy Morning We drove into town and found the only coffee shop we could find, Murph’s Internet Cafe, to just sit inside, stay dry and get some work done.

By mid-afternoon we had the sun peaking out for a visit.

Hurricane ?  What hurricane?

2012 09 11 Sun is fightingBy the early evening we packed it in and enjoyed the mild temperatures.

2012 09 11 Murph s Internet Cafe