This morning we packed up from our little free “camp site” and went to the local campground for a shower before heading into St. John’s to pick up Nadine for a little picnic.

2012 09 19 welcome to ferrylandThe Ferryland Picnics business is a great a concept – they have restored a historic lighthouse in the town of Ferryland to serve picnics to you in an extraordinary setting. You need to make a reservation and park about 15 minutes away – all of which requires far more planning than we usually commit to.

2012 09 19 fog rolling in2012 09 19 it s a little walk2012 09 19 bring your puppy for a picnic2012 09 19 can t wait to have some foodWhen we arrived (only slightly late) we ordered, got our picnic blankets and frolicked down to a grassy hill to find the perfect spot.

2012 09 19 simple menu2012 09 19 near the sea we forget to count the days2012 09 19 light house trail2012 09 19 bewareWe had a giggle at the alternative ways some were using blankets while we anxiously awaited our chicken curry sandwich or brie apple sandwich with a warm orzo salad, dessert and lemonade in a jar.

2012 09 19 Picnic Flag2012 09 19 foods here2012 09 19 lemonadeDespite being sunny the whole drive down we found the town of Ferryland was deep in a cloud. As we ate though, the cloud slowly began to blow by until the day was clear once again. Shortly after dessert, we managed to spotted our first whale (with the help of some locals). Such an awesome sight.

2012 09 19 Our first whale2012 09 19 field of gold2012 09 19 seagull seeing if there is anything for him2012 09 19 packing upWith the amaze and wonderment of children we proceeded to skip around on the gorgeous hills the cliffs taking it all in (along with hundreds of photos).

2012 09 19 ready for a walk2012 09 19 big crashes2012 09 19 enjoying the cliffs2012 09 19 Even cellphone photography2012 09 19 little cliff climb2012 09 19 little flower in the grassWe watched the fog roll back in, followed closely by a faint rainbow. In that moment, everything felt so amazing with an indescribable feeling – it’s just one of those feelings you can’t top.

2012 09 19 is it a long way down2012 09 19 dramatic fog2012 09 19 at the end of the rainbow2012 09 19 more drama Under the sound of a foghorn we picked juniper berries. We checked out the lighthouse and then made our way back along the road back to the van. It was all so surreal and happy. We all had a fantastic time at such a magical place.

2012 09 19 Juniper berries2012 09 19 follow the vine road2012 09 19 Amazing views2012 09 19 Is that land in the clouds 2012 09 19 little wind blown2012 09 19 signing the guessbook2012 09 19 you know where it s atWe drove back to St. John’s into the sunset with a couple more photo stops along the way. The day was practically fairy tale material.

Once we arrived back in St. John’s we dropped Nadine off for a little while and then I met up with her again in the evening for Hot Yoga. It was my first time at a yoga class and it was really great. I seriously didn’t know that your ankles could sweat, but they apparently can. The practice was amazing and warranted the second shower of the day – such a luxury.

Meanwhile, Andrew made friends with the local street vendor – Steve. Steve is an interesting guy who runs “Long Dicks Sausage Emporium” a gourmet sausage street vendor who does things differently. His sausage is specially seasoned sausage, his bread is specially baked for him under a secret recipe and he blends his own mustard to-boot. Quite a fantastic product.

It was a long, sorted and fantastic day. Both of us went to bed with a smile from ear to ear – days like this are long from being forgotten, and very difficult to top.