We woke up this morning with a van that was covered in dew. This is the indicator that the nightly temperatures are starting to drop and autumn is here. I am going to remain in denial about the approaching winter season. We both want to make the absolute most of our visit to Newfoundland for as long as possible and winter just doesn’t jive with that. Whenever people ask how long we’re here for our standard answer is “until it gets cold!”. I just hope that ‘cold’ doesn’t happen too soon.

2012 09 18 Wet morningToday though was sunny and beautiful once the sun came around. We opened all the doors and windows, hauled out all the damp towels from our little wet evening a few nights ago. It kind of added to the ‘lived in’ look of our surroundings. We were definitely not the first to camp in this spot.

2012 09 18 No more flowers2012 09 18 Random trash2012 09 18 Frying pan tree 2012 09 18 Dragenfly enjoying a snackAndrew also took the opportunity to work on our leaky door seals as well as his tan. Meanwhile, I worked on a huge report for most of the day, stopping on occasion to make food. We ended up finishing the last bit of our farmers spoils today; the best vegetables we’ve had in a long time. We’re already planning on making a stop when we drive past again.

2012 09 18 Busy working away2012 09 18 Still eating organicWe did intend on driving today, but time slipped away, and so did the sun, so we just stayed put.