Supermarket Supermoon

We headed into Nafplio today for a bit of a tour around the town before we went to the market.

2012 05 05 Fishing in Nafplio2012 05 05 Arch2012 05 05 Palm tree2012 05 05 Old paint2012 05 05 New paint2012 05 05 Street viewBy mid-day wandered to the market – repeating for the most part last Saturday’s events. Again, we returned loaded up with bags (and kilograms upon kilograms) of spinach, lettuce, apples, carrots, oranges, lemons, grapefruits, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, peanuts, raisins, and beans.

We also missed the earlier bus, again, and waited until 2:30 to make it back to Tolo. Once we were back we made a fantastic lunch with some of the produce we just bought. It was a welcomed meal as by this time we were both starved.

In the evening we decided to rent a scooter to go out for a little belated celebration dinner in the next town over.

2012 05 05 Scooter Ride2012 05 05 Beautiful Shore2012 05 05 Super Moon2012 05 05 Yay2012 05 05 Dinner on the beach2012 05 05 aftermath 2012 05 05 Another Beautiful ShoreOn our way back we stopped for to further admire the “supermoon” the biggest/brightest moon of the year. We were just on the side of the road and two puppies came bounding up to us with mass amounts of energy. Unfortunately their energy almost got them hit by several cars. On a couple of occasions we even had to stop the cars because they were playing in the middle of the road.

2012 05 05 Street DogsI started training one and she was picking it up pretty fast until her sister came by and started to distract her, within seconds they were back to tumbling in the road again. Very cute dogs.

2012 05 05 Training Session2012 05 05 Good times on the road2012 05 05 Super Moon shine