Finding Balance

Life has been very good these past few days. The sun is out (and it’s warm) every day, and while we have both had an abundance of work, we are finding a balance. We work mostly in the afternoon when the timezones align which leaves us some time in the morning for a quick workout or some yoga, as well as some reading in the hammock (a favourite). We are also wedding planning daily now, as June is quickly approaching. In the evening we usually make it out to the beach or in to town for a walk before returning to work. It is typically a pretty full day.

2012 05 02 yoga stretching2012 05 02 raybans and plaidUnfortunately the bounty from our ‘huge’ market trip on Saturday has begun to dwindle so we’re back to eating out. This evening we went for a switch up and got some pizza – which was pretty good. It brought us back to our travels in the van when we managed to get pizza, what seemed like almost every week.

We wanted to go to the market today but work wasn’t going to let up, so we planned on tomorrow instead. As we asked around to confirm the open times, we found that it is not almost everyday as we were told originally, but Wednesday and Saturday only. Of course as luck would have it, we find this out at the end of today, a Wednesday.