2012 05 01 my officeToday was another full day of work but it was also another beautiful day of sunshine. The streets were especially busy and town was fuller than usual because of a national holiday. People were out on the beach and filling up restaurants, bringing a bit of life to the sleepy town. It gives a glimpse of what to expect in a couple weeks time when our families and friends will join us.

2012 05 01 working hardToday also marks our 11 year anniversary. It’s been an amazing journey over the years and we still fondly remember our first date and the steps which lead us together. Some years we have big celebrations and other years we keep it low key and play on key milestones or memories. Last year we were in Delaware with the Firebus grabbing the newest release of the Fast and the Furious series which always seems to open every couple of years around our anniversary. As silly as it seems the first Fast and the Furious was one of the first movies we watched together and the tradition has stuck. This year we went and picked up an ice cream and ate it overlooking the water. The scenery is a bit different than back on our first date where we shared a crazy banana split by lake Ontario, but being in Greece makes it special in its own way. Three years ago, Andrew re-created the scene by the lake with the crazy banana split and proposed to me – we celebrated with a fantastic evening in Toronto, making new memories and traditions as we went.

2012 05 01 carrot soup with loveOur bond is difficult to put into words, except to say it only gets stronger with time.

2001 05 20 boy + girlA little glimpse of us circa 2001.