Coffee Communication

To switch it up today we headed out to the beach first thing for a walk. The water is still not warm enough to swim in – at least for us. You see people swimming all the time but Andrew’s theory is that most of these people only have only one week before their vacation is over and so of course they will be making the most of it. The locals say it will be warm by June – which is just fine with us.

The sun however, was very warm. On our way to the beach we went to a nearby place and ordered a coffee and found out the hard way that if you don’t specify your order as warm, then you will get it served over ice. As we’re both not really enough of a fan of coffee to begin with, when it’s served cold it is even harder to like.

2012 05 04 Ice Cofee2012 05 04 Huge snailNevertheless an enjoyable start to the day. While we were enjoying the sun, sand and ice coffee we also got some things figured out for the wedding which is always a good feeling.