Book Club

Last week I started to read the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Sadly this is where I admit that it’s been a while since I read a fictional novel without the express purpose of having to write a report on it. I used to read intensively when I was younger but university sucked the life out of me. With the excessive amounts of textbooks, journal articles and technical writing by the end of the day I wanted to stay away from anything remotely close to that.

The Hunger GamesIn the van, we started listening to books but I found they often put me to sleep with the narrators even toned speech. Andrew on the other hand, is a big fan – he found he had more focus and could drive for many hours while listening to a book.

After reading a few chapters of the Hunger Games, and liking it, I suggested to Andrew that he also start reading it. So, he promptly got the audio version to listen to. So now we’re simultaneously “reading it”.

Since I started first I’ve been the one who was ahead for the most part and eager for him to catch up. Each part I found interesting, he found somewhat predictable once he got there. Part of the problem was that the Hunger Games has been made into a movie and Andrew has seen the trailer while I have not. I suspect much of the trailer covers what he is hearing in the book whereas for me it’s all new. I try to avoid trailers because most of the time I find they give away far too much, or just show all the good jokes of a comedy.

Over the weekend we reached the same point in the book which was pretty cool as we have a ‘mini’ book club happening. Since then, I haven’t had a chance to touch the kindle for the past few days. Today though, I came back in from working on the terrace to find Andrew making dinner, and listening to the book with a big grin. He told me “Things have happened” and the book has gotten better. Now I’m the one who’s behind and can’t wait to see what has happened next to have Mr. “its so predictable” so interested all of a sudden…