Canadians are Coming

We put our “adventure pants” on today and ventured out to expand our world in Greece a little. We made it to Tolo today (for the second time) and this involved the big world of public transportation. Surprisingly we found this rather easy and very cost effective, and fairly stress free.

After a day of packing and making wedding drink concoctions and pricing out wedding rings we were finally ready to leave for Tolo. Joanna and Alex dropped us off at the bus station in Athens, helped us buy our tickets (€13.10), we said our goodbyes and were ‘handed off’ to the bus driver who assured them he would look after us.

Loaded up like two pack mules we certainly looked the tourist part and we stuck out big time. Andrew is 6 foot 3 with (now) longer hair and I’m the blonde in the sea of dark haired european women – it’s just not exactly the look of most greeks. We were assured there was “lots of English speaking on the bus” but we didn’t really test this out. After getting our

The ‘Mercedes’ made bus that went from Athens to Nafplio was quite swank – tvs and individual air controls like on an airplan but they even had faux wood handle accents and little coat hooks on every seat for the business men, of which there were none. The bus went through lots of towns and after about 2 hours we made it to Nafplio and only once did we almost get off at the wrong stop – A ten minute wait and another reasonably price €1.30 ticket and we were just 20 minutes away from Tolo.

When we got off the bus in Tolo a gentleman came up to us and waved us over to him. We remembered exactly where we were going but it was nice to be greeted. As we walked with him another fellow joined us and after a minute we had what felt like the whole block staring at us – secretly saying “it’s the canadians!”

The room was as we remembered it – clean and tidy – we got our key and were left to our own devices. After a quick unpack we changed and went downstairs to pick up some breakfast and then head out for a walk into town souvlaki dinner.

Town center is close(ish) we bought our souvlaki and a beer and headed out to the beach for our dinner. It was simple and fantastic. We couldn’t remember the last time it was the two of us for dinner – probably November when we packed the van away. After dinner we went to a tavern where we might have our reception to let him know we were in town and planned on dinner there tomorrow. He offered us a beer which we didn’t refuse. We got another chance to see things (at night this time) and try to envision the decorations for the place. Once we were done we started to head home, grabbing a lemon and manderin gelato for the walk. In total the evenings outing cost us only 6.50 Euros – Gotta love Greece.