Sunny Days

The first thing we noticed about Tolo is, it’s quiet. People are going about their day, roads are relatively quiet and the tourists have yet to fully invade the town. We feel for the business owners though because they are struggling more than usual to fill their restaurants, hotels and stores. We’ve been told a number of times that it’s “quieter than normal for this time of year”.

This morning we got up, squeaked in a workout and some breakfast before heading to the beach for a walk. The sunshine was fantastic today – there were no clouds and a very warm sun. All we could do is keep looking at one another and saying ‘We’re in Tolo!’.  We’re pretty happy – its been a long time since we have gotten to enjoy a beach.

In the evening, we went out for some dinner – we enjoyed some spectacular beef and lamb, with tzatiki, and salad – seaside with a little stray cat quietly sitting next to us hoping we misplace a little food.

Which brings up a fundamental issue that we’re struggling with. Tolo, and Athens, have many stray animals. Tolo in particular seems to have groups of dogs from the same family or litter which have grown up without owners or a place to live. We found one such group near the beach this morning. They scavenge for food and hang out in a pack and you will notice them around town but usually not too far from the others. Generally, we’ve noticed they are VERY savvy. They are the kind of dogs any owner would dream about – they know how to read people and other dogs very well, they are aware of cars and know exactly when to cross the street. It’s really cool to watch. At the same time though it is also sad because these animals are usually so well adjusted and normal-seeming. You can’t help but wonder how rough their life really is despite their good manners. As these thoughts happen you almost automatically want to feed them, or do something for them to make their situation easier. Except, it goes against everything you’re taught, feeding stray animals tends to promote begging and dependancy on people – so what does one do? Feed or not feed?