Rainy days

Today started out nice and warm – we decided it was time to head into Nafplio to brave the produce market, which seems to occur almost daily.

2012 04 28 Castle MarketThe market was busy and full of great produce we’ve been itching for. The past few days of souvlaki has been alright but getting some nice vegetables in the little apartment would be a welcomed sight to our bare refrigerator.

2012 04 28 The flower market2012 04 28 Greece Market2012 04 28 Fish on ice2012 04 28 The Big Fish2012 04 28 Fish MarketSo we put our skills to the test, before leaving we armed our selves with a list and translated it into greek (just in case). We took our teachings from Andrew’s sister and applied them fully.

1. Wait until the market is winding down as the prices will likely drop – for this one we got there kinda early so we had some time to kill in town and see some of the shops.

2. Look for prices on common items and compare – for this we ended up walking the whole market before hitting the shops so that we could get a feel for them.

3. Know what a good price looks like and ignore there rest – as we spent lots of time in Athens going to the market we got a feel for what is reasonable and which prices we could do better on. This is great in principal but we found it trickier to put into play as we are at a disadvantage when it comes to the language. How can you compare prices when they’re not listed? I found this for many of the vendors selling eggs. No one priced them and when we found prices they were more than we were used to. When you ask, and you’re lucky enough they speak english, and then as they tell you the price you can’t help but wonder if you’re getting the “tourist special”.

Nevertheless we survived and walked away with only a few small bumps in the language barrier. The one thing we certainly didn’t change was how much we bought – it felt like we were shopping for four people instead of two – our poor little cart was full.

2012 04 28 After the marketOnce we were done shopping the sky started getting darker and the rain started. We headed for the bus stop and learned that the schedule was not hourly today, meaning we would have to wait in the drizzle for over an hour before the bus came. We passed the time by making friends with a stray and saving him from sleeping in front of a bus for too long.

2012 04 28 Getting the dog off the roadOnce we made it back we made some greek salad, greek horta (warm greens with feta, oil and lemon), and enjoyed the (now) rainy day with a movie.

2012 04 28 Horta  Lunch