Today we didn’t do all that much. It’s not that we have nothing to do, it’s just been a long time since we got to just chill out on a Sunday and re-charge a bit.

Of what we did accomplish is a bit more cooking and some home-made peanut butter. Andrew in particular has been wanting peanut butter since we left Canada. Funny thing is, before we started our trip I’d say he pretty much hated the stuff. Since living on the road though, it has become a staple. It is the quick thing to do when you’re in a parking lot or have a long day’s drive and don’t have too much time to spend making food – slap some peanut butter on some bread with banana and it’s a meal. It also has the benefit of keeping us fuller than grabbing some fruit which is primarily why the bottomless pit of Andrew’s stomach now appreciates peanut butter. We’ve spent large amounts of time in stores just trying to find ‘the right one’. Our gold standard is, peanuts we grind in the store – this stuff is the best. After that we’re mostly looking out for brands which don’t put any crap in there like sugar, added salt and preservatives. Part of the reason we spend so long searching for brands we like is because it’s REALLY hard to find peanut butter that is only roasted peanuts and nothing else. We took it for granted when we lived in one place but when we started moving around, we found the foods and the brands were always changing. We know it’s only peanut butter of course, but trust me it became a big enough deal to buy 2 jars at a time if we found what we wanted.

2012 04 29 nuts closeupIt turns out that peanut butter in Greece is pretty pricey. It’s just not worth the cost for a tiny jar, so we haven’t bothered. Before we left for Tolo we picked up a little 25 euro food processor for our apartment and did a test run at making our own peanut butter. Results were varied and we almost burnt out the blender but we learned some things. So we found some peanuts yesterday at the market for 4 euros/kilo and decided to try again. This time they were already roasted and had no skins. The problem though was that they were salted, so Andrew washed them and put them on out in the sun to dry. After about 15 minutes they were ready to be ground and within a half an hour we had fresh chunky peanut butter.

2012 04 29 Nuts rosting in the sunI’m happy to report we’ve got it down to a science now. In total, it cost us 4 euros in peanuts and we made soo much tasty goodness.

2012 04 29 The peanut butter making process