Lots of work

Yesterday we tried out another restaurant – we’re pretty much on a mission to try as many of the taverns and places as possible. It’s one of the reasons we’re here – we are weighing our options for our wedding reception. There is one more contender that we need to visit but since it was raining on Saturday and so we are going to give it a try on Friday as they are only open on the weekends right now.

Last night’s food was alright. It was the same kind of scene with salad, and fried zucchini and eggplant appetizer and meat main dish with fries. Fairly standard and tasty but not quite as good as the first place. It also had the token cat sitting and waiting patiently for a potential scrap or two to come his way.

Today however, we pretty much worked all day. It’s unfortunate given the nice weather but it had to be done. We did get out later in the day for a walk.

2012 04 30 peeling potatoes2012 04 30 unfinished hotel2012 04 30 My trashFinding some of our dog pack friends being fed cookies. I guess we’re not the only ones that feel for them.

2012 04 30 Night walk 2012 04 29 beach rideTomorrow is a holiday here in Greece and it is supposed to be another lovely day so we might venture out for a dip of our toes into the cool sea.