Night in the Park

We’re taking a few days away from my sister so it is essentially like we’re back on the road but we’re not. We are finding creative locations to sleep and work in a city full of people.

Today a visit to Starbucks for some work and we found them changing the decorations over to christmas. For the record, November 1st is far too early for this but it makes some people happy apparently.

2011 11 01 Christmas alreadyWe also spent some time in a local park for a part of the evening.

2011 11 01 Firebus It was pretty chilly but we grabbed some nice night shots.

2011 11 01 Flying lines2011 11 01 Triangles2011 11 01 Trickle2011 11 01 Work of art2011 11 01 Geometric Greenouse2011 11 01 City blur2011 11 01 Falling2011 11 01 Lines2011 11 01 Water dance2011 11 01 Seven fourty three