The Stubborn Bolt

Today was a much better day – with some gentle persuasion and some heat to the timing chain cover the old corroded bolt was finally released.

2011 10 07 The stubborn bolt2011 10 07 Timing chain cover finally removed2011 10 07 Timing chain location in the engineWith a view of our timing chain it confirmed the suspicion that it was time to change it out anyway. In a vehicle with very few plastic components, Dodge somehow thought that it would be good to put plastic way deep into the front engine where it could easily fail. Plastic teeth on the timing chain meant we got a whole new chain and sprockets.

2011 10 07 Old  slightly loose timing chain with plastic teeth2011 10 07 ScrapsThe old water pump also showed signs of impending failure. There was corrosion which showed it had leaked slightly. Another original part which was getting an update.

2011 10 07 Old corroded water pump2011 10 07 Old water pump2011 10 07 Shiny new water pumpEverything was put back together in no time and the van even burped without an issue. All in all it was a good thing to get into the engine and get those parts changed out. Timing chain services should happen at 100,000km so we were due and at 35 years old most of the parts were still looking pretty good but with the distances we’ve been covering, who knows how long they would have lasted. Now we have new fluids, new parts, new gaskets, and bolts that have been properly sealed to prevent corrosion. Not to mention a solid piece of mind that it was done right. A great day.

2011 10 07 Job well done