the scale of things

We covered some ground last night, traveling north up the TransCanada Highway (Hwy 1) and then heading west to Port Albemi. We spotted a Walmart in town and took the easy way out – thinking that no one would disturb us here in the morning.

We were up early and out of there before even the sun was out – which actually is not hard these days. Last night we were shocked to realise that our days had been shortened to a 6pm sunset. When did this happen? Two months ago we were singing the praises of the sun setting at 11pm and now we’re stuck with driving most of Victoria in the dark. Better yet the sun didn’t even make it up until about 7:45am so our plans to go see Cathedral Grove in the morning and hit up the 8am ferry were a bust. This probably would have been a better realization before we drove all the way over to Port Albemi and woke up to find it still dark, but I guess we can’t account for everything.

So since we were there, we waited for the sun to come up so we could see check out Cathedral Grove Forest. I thought it was awesome but Andrew’s interpretation was they were just really big trees. I will admit that we did see some similar forests in Jasper National Forest and could have probably skipped this stop, but there’s nothing like standing next to a big tree to make you realise how small you really are.

2011 10 20 Canadian2011 10 20 Drama2011 10 20 Frolick in the forest2011 10 20 Mossy
2011 10 20 TallOn the plus side, samosas for breakfast and a jog around the big-tree forest means a pleasant way to start the day.

2011 10 20 The trunk is wider than the van2011 10 20 Tree caveThe rest of the day involved a ferry ride back, and an afternoon spent visiting family. Also, quite pleasant.

2011 10 20 Ferry line up2011 10 20 Leaving Victoria Island2011 10 20 Ferry view2011 10 20 Clouds taking over the scene2011 10 20 The big ferry and the small man2011 10 20 Airline style ferry2011 10 20 The house on the island2011 10 20 The bardge and the bridge2011 10 20 ThoughtIn the evening we treated ourselves to an evening of music and food at the Cellar Jazz in Vancouver. The band was called Tambura Rasa and they were really upbeat with a great rhythm. We both had a good time and it was a really great way to end our day.

(Plus we’re pretty certain we’ve found the Doppelganger of our friend playing the Bass)