Rock the Cassiar

Today we cranked the tunes and hit the road. We made our way out of Whitehorse and drove as long and as far as we could making our way down to British Columbia and the infamous and beautiful Cassiar Highway. Andrew did most of the driving because I’ve picked up a little cold and am not feeling 100% up for concentrating for long periods of time. I’m a willing passenger though and Andrew is convinced the van drives better, so he is a happy driver.

2011 10 02 Heading south2011 10 02 Cassiar Hwy2011 10 02 Driving to the white peaksI, on the other hand, am happy to have left with so much new mechanical knowledge – seemingly a theme when we’re in Whitehorse. My brain is full of carburators, fuel lifter pumps, coolant systems, which most people would not really care about. I really enjoy learning, particularly when I can put it to use. Engines used to be a black box of mystery before this trip but know I feel like I have developed enough of an understanding to be able to troubleshoot some of the problems we run into with the van. Andrew already had this knowledge as it’s practically programmed into the male genome, but I’m glad that I’ve gotten to the point that we can have a higher level discussion and actually feel like I know what’s going on.

With this knowledge, we know we still have work to do on the van – although we are on our way to not having leaky van anymore. We no longer leak fuel or oil, and we shouldn’t have a coolant leak but the little drain plug on the radiator needs to be replaced. It broke when it was transferred from the old one to the new one and just doesn’t shut all the way. We have picked up a new one for $4 and will replace it (if we remember) when the engine is cool. Other than that we have to tend to our power steering pump which has a slow leak but it should be able to wait until we get to Vancouver. For now we’re seeing snow on the ground (and everywhere else we looked) and we know we haven’t made it far enough south yet.
2011 10 02 Snow on the ground2011 10 02 Pretty in every corner2011 10 02 Into the mountain2011 10 02 Long day of driving2011 10 02 Sunset2011 10 02 I m watching you2011 10 02 So still2011 10 02 MoonriseBy the time it was dark we hit Dease Lake as a stop for the night – we’ve been warned that gas few-and-far-between on this highway so we have to wait until the morning to fill up before we can keep going.