Raining Hair

By most standards, today wasn’t all that interesting.
It rained, we bought an umbrella.
Our hair was long, we got it cut.
We were hungry, so we had dinner with family.
..and so it goes..

2011 10 21 I love this bridgeThe haircut though was worth mentioning. It took 2.5 hours and cost $30 for both of us. Usually any place that takes 2.5 hours to cut my hair, and 2 hours to cut Andrew’s hair, while charging below minimum wage would be long out of business by now. Luckily they were not a profitable business they were a ‘hair academy’.

I’ve wanted to try this student thing out for a long time. At this point is was perfect because I really didn’t think you could mess up a trim too bad. Plus I generally disagree with the fact that women’s haircuts are costing upwards of $60 – regardless of if they are actually trimming it versus giving you a proper hair cut. I’ve cut my hair short before and I think that warrants more skill, style etc and therefore don’t mind paying that kind of cash. But that much to lob off my split-ends and make it look halfway decent – I just don’t get it.

Needless to say I haven’t had a haircut in about 8 months and it shows. My hair grows fast. I know people say that all the time, but mine really does. The photo I posted the other day from our engagement was dated May 2009. In that photo and my hair was cropped short – two and a half years later it’s more than halfway down my back. Andrew’s hair is the same story but he obviously gets it cut a lot more often – and usually by me. But I’ve been slacking lately since there hasn’t really been any good time or space to give him a haircut. For the $10 it was going to cost him I was interested to see what a ‘stylist’ would do with his longer hair.

So after all that time in the chair, Andrew’s hair looked exactly the same, and mine would have too if I didn’t force her to take 4 inches off. She just didn’t want to cut my “beautiful blonde hair” off. Her advisor came by and persuaded her to listen to me. I’m really not as attached as other people are to my hair. Don’t get me wrong – I love it, but with such a long time since it was last cut the damage was starting to show. Andrew said his girl was shaking so he wasn’t going to offer any advice.

In the end, it got the job done but the result was nothing overly special – which is fine with us. You can imagine it didn’t send us running out to take photos either so we only got a couple to share.

2011 10 21 Fancy umbrella2011 10 21 Night glow