Orcas and Semis

Today after getting some work done we decided we wanted to head over to Victoria Island and see what all the fuss is about. We spotted this little car on our way – a great little vehicle. The guy got into it through the front end (the whole windshield and nose is actually a door!). Sweet.

We got to the ferry at about 4:30pm hoping to catch the 5pm ferry, but when we arrived it was full. The next ferry wasn’t for another 2 hours so we just hang out, grabbed some food and watched the sun disappear.

2011 10 18 Ferry line up2011 10 18 I love the earth2011 10 18 Waiting to go2011 10 18 Boarding the ferryWe crossed over in about an hour and a half, grabbed some gas which cost a full 25 cents less per liter less than vancouver and then drove a little ways to find a quiet side street to stay for the night. We found a spot with a few cars, just that by the water and so we ventured out to see if we could get some pictures of the city across the water. Instead we found the lights to be a bit too far but there was a little dock with a fisherman catching shrimp and crabs.

2011 10 18 Lights across the bay from Victoria2011 10 18 Crab fishing