Lunch with Birds

Today we ventured out for some lunch after working this morning.

2011 10 27 Getting some work doneWe checked out the Granville Markets “Tiffin Thursday”. For about 12 dollars you can get a tiffin lunch tin to keep and come back and refill for $5. I’ve always wanted one of these little things – I think they’re awesome. It can now serve as food storage for us in the van as we currently don’t have any tupperware, not to mention the picnicking capabilities.

2011 10 27 Tiffin Tuesday2011 10 27 Fiddler in the marketThanks to the good weather we got to enjoy our curry meals outside in the sunshine.

2011 10 27 Bold birds2011 10 27 Granville bridge2011 10 27 Happy little girl2011 10 27 Pigeons2011 10 27 Lunch in our tiffinsMy sister also showed us her ‘new-do’. This is Bianca’s first time dying her hair and I can attest that it’s a bold step for us blondes. I’m not sure I’d ever dye my hair, but I do like this approach.

2011 10 27 New do