Sisterly Saturday

While Andrew got some work done, my sister and I started our day with an ambitious, but fun bike ride around Stanley Park. I say ambitious because it’s been a while since I last rode a bike. I also didn’t make things easier for myself opting for the bike with no gears and a brake activated by pedaling in reverse. To top it off, we intended on trying to whiz through the park in under an hour to keep our rental costs down. We almost succeeded – getting them in at an hour and fifteen minutes.

2011 10 15 Classic2011 10 15 Biking break2011 10 15 Coon2011 10 15 Look ma2011 10 15 Totem contemplation2011 10 15 Takeoff2011 10 15 Wonderful day to bike in the park2011 10 15 City scoping2011 10 15 Lions Gate tug boat2011 10 15 Sisters2011 10 15 One for the agesAfterwards we walked through downtown and over to the Templeton, a great little original diner from the 50’s. The wait was long but the food was good and they even had some Saturday morning cartoons to keep you going.

2011 10 15 Spandy Andy2011 10 15 Checkers and stools2011 10 15 Spoons Forks and Milk2011 10 15 Diner2011 10 15 Hunger frown2011 10 15 Saturday CartoonsBeing far too stuffed with breakfast and a massive brownie dessert, a walk home was necessary. It also gave me a chance to see Granville Island from Granville Bridge during the day.

2011 10 15 Grandville Island2011 10 15 Grandville Bridge2011 10 15 Blue monsterNaturally, upon arrival back to my sister’s place a food coma quickly ensued.