Free Suspension

We seem to have a thing for bridges these days. In step with the week, we made our way to Lynn Canyon for a little visit of their suspension bridge.

2011 10 14 Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge2011 10 14 RopesThe (in)famous Capilano Suspension Bridge is just up the road – similar to Lynn Canyon but longer. The real difference is however Lynn park is free and Capilano expects you pay 32.95 per adult, for admission. To help justify their cost they advertise a number of “attractions”. In addition to the bridge, you can wander among the tree tops in another network of suspended bridges, see some totem poles, eat at their restaurant and shop in their gift shop. I can’t fathom paying that for myself let alone the common family of 4 – you’d be lucky if you spent less than $100 on admission alone.

2011 10 14 In the BC jungle2011 10 14 Lynn Canyon FallsIf there was some sort of adventure involved I might be-able to begin understanding the cost, but since neither of us have any fear of heights or moving bridges, a suspension bridge just isn’t thrilling as advertised. I’m glad we skipped the paid version and just explored Lynn park – it was free, pretty and exactly as expected.

2011 10 14 Bridge fun2011 10 14 Big Slug  canadian quarter2011 10 14 Bark2011 10 14 Running the bridge2011 10 14 More bark