Fixed fumes

I mentioned that our tailpipe end had fallen off a couple days after leaving the Yukon. We knew it was coming, there was a sizeable hole of rust which was weakening it.

It was only off for about 4 days total but when our mechanic noticed it he mentioned that we should get it repaired as soon as possible. Apparently the underbelly of the van’s back end is not sealed and can allow bad fumes to leak into the van – not a good thing. It did however explain the headaches and fatigue we had both been experiencing these past few days – scary stuff.

2011 10 08 Where the old tailpipe fell offI’m happy to report though that we got it repaired as soon as we left Abbotsford on our way back into Vancouver and we’re both back to feeling fine – plus the tailpipe seems to be working as good as new.

I was actually quite impressed with the job – we called ahead for a couple quotes and found a guy we liked. He didn’t take appointments but used a first-come-first-served approach. So we headed over and when we arrived we spoke directly to him and the van was in the shop shortly after that. We discussed options, he gave us a quote of $60 (cheaper than his phone quote), and within 15 minutes his guys had the old pipe had off and a new pipe welded on. We paid and left happy – one of the fastest and quickest jobs on the van yet. It was certainly refreshing to have everything run smoothly with no surprises.

2011 10 08 No tailpipe2011 10 08 the old tail pipe2011 10 08 Muffler graveyard2011 10 08 Our muffler with no tail pipe2011 10 08 WeldingThe thing I liked the most was the guy even recommended the cheaper of the two options as it was the one “he would use on his own vehicle”. The options were to either put a couple of kinks into the pipe and re-mold it to its original position behind the drivers rear tire or to simply route it in front of the rear tire. The benefits he said of the latter was that the pipe would last longer because the pipe would be shorter and less chance of condensation sticking around in there to cause rust. We went with his advice and are happy. It just goes to prove you can still find some really honest guys out there.