Tonight there was an unexpected but spectacular display of the northern lights which extended down into the lower 48 States (a rare occurrence). Not only that but the colours strayed from the typical greens and extended into the red spectrum.

Being in downtown Vancouver I had little hope that we would see this event because of the extensive light pollution – but it didn’t stop us from trying. We drove north a little ways with my sister Bianca to see if we could find it.

It wasn’t as good as others had seen it but that didn’t stop us from getting some cool shots and having a good time with some light painting.

Note: Most of these entirely unedited as noted on the captions – where you see a red and yellow glow it’s the northern lights!

2011 10 24 Unedited2011 10 24 Driving with no headlights2011 10 24 The many faces of us  unedited2011 10 24 BCouldn’t resist a couple night shots of Downtown Vancouver.

Note: the oranges are not northern lights – this is just light pollution.

2011 10 24 Light pollution over Vancouver  unedited2011 10 24 That bridge again  unedited2011 10 24 Starry night2011 10 24 Lights of Vancouver  Unedited