Doing our homework

After a pretty lazy day we headed out this evening to do some “research” upon discovering a locally renowned greek restaurant, Stepho’s. The wedding I mentioned that we’re planning, it’s in Greece. So we figured why not see if we can get an idea of what we’d like to serve at the reception – if nothing else we’d get a good meal.

2011 10 16 Stepho sWhen we arrived the line up was out the door and down the block. It was moving at a reasonable pace and the wait was about 20-30 minutes but despite the movement, the line never got shorter. From the time we started lining up to the time we had eaten and left the line was still there – this place is an institution.

2011 10 16 Mega line upI can see why it’s so popular  – not only is the food good, it’s reasonably priced. In downtown Vancouver I would expect them to gauge you, but most dishes at Stepho’s were between 7-10 dollars with a couple in the $13 range. Beer was also reasonable, $4-6 per beer, in a world that is charging $6-8 these days. Very nice.

2011 10 16 Davie Street

We call it ‘research’ but we still don’t really know what we’re serving. We’re going to have to wait until we go there because I’m sure greek food IN Greece is in a whole other league.