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Data Management

Our past few days have been spent mostly tending to our computers as the world came crashing to a halt when I accidentally deleted both of our backup drives. It shouldn’t even be possible to do that but I managed.

With the number of photos we take we’ve had to figure out a pretty slick system of managing or space and our back-up drives. It consists of the following:

A standard automatic back-up a couple times a month using Time Machine (for those mac users out there).

Two 1 TB drives both of which contain archived pictures which are no longer on our laptops. Both drives contain the same information so if one gets damaged or lost we still have the other. (These are the ones I deleted).

It was a case of mistaken identity because we just recently picked up two more external hard-drives to continue to make room on our computers.

We are generally both perpetually out of space on our 500Gig drives which brings the website to a screeching halt at times because we need to find the time to back up our drives and pull off some of the older photos onto the external hard-drives (and do this twice).

The picture below is a visual representation of the disk usage on one of our computers. The bigger the boxes, the larger the files and the common colours are those within the same folder. There is no actual free space here.

Luckily though we have enough back ups and additional contingencies in place to piece together the information I lost – although, with a hundreds of gigabytes of photos, it is a very, very big task.