Costumes and Fireworks

It is halloween in Vancouver.

2011 10 31 Vancouver cityAll of the houses are dressed up and the bowls are full with candy – we had half a mind to go trick or treating as hippies with our little pumpkin van but decided against it.

2011 10 31 911 Halloween house2011 10 31 Funky spiders2011 10 31 Spooky entranceThe hallows-eve was particularly surprising – we saw less costumes and way more fireworks than expected. It just doesn’t quite equate as a ‘holiday’ that warrants fireworks but we enjoyed them anyway.

2011 10 31 Fireworks are everywhere2011 10 31 Boom2011 10 31 Night shots can be tricky2011 10 31 Fireworks on HalloweenOf the costumes we did see today this was by far the our favourite.

2011 10 31 Best costume ever