Chilly Cassiar

Just doing what we do today – driving. It was quite cold last night, which lead to a frigid morning with lots of frost that stayed until noon. We bundled up, cranked the heater and eventually thawed out.

2011 10 03 Frosty2011 10 03 Cold but happyThis all, of course, was after our tail pipe practically fell off. We figure the cold morning combined with the heat from the exhaust must have cracked the already weakened and slightly rusty tail pipe end. We knew we had a small hole in it but it finally went, right at the seam and dangled against the tire. I showed Andrew and he proceeded to rip it off – better to come off now than on the road. It’s not a huge deal, just another thing to get repaired in Vancouver.

2011 10 03 WhoopsOtherwise, it has just been a fairly uneventful day filled with lots more pretty scenery and tons of bear sightings.

2011 10 03 Bear munching away2011 10 03 His mom never told him not to growl with his mouth full2011 10 03 Cute2011 10 03 Road works  40 minute pilot car escort2011 10 03 What a handsome devil I am2011 10 03 Mountains foreverOnce it got dark we pulled over and called it a night near Burns Lake. A pretty decent day of driving.