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Burp the baby

We’ve had a lot of false starts the past few days thinking we had all the air out of our coolant lines. This morning we tried more of the same and weren’t successful.

So we resorted to draining the whole system and starting over. The biggest problem with this van is that the heater is actually higher than the radiator which means the air has a high probability of being trapped in the heater core – a problem which we dont want. To avoid this, coolant had to be poured very slowly into the heater line (the highest point).

Ultimately we were successful! The hot air blows, the coolant cools, and the radiator does its job nicely. We were so determined to get this all done, no photos were really taken today – the past couple days really sums it all up. All I can say is that hopefully we never have to do this again but at least we now know what to do… that is, avoid it at all costs!

With the van sorted we turn to our next plans – since the weather has been a constant chilly single digit number for at least a week, we’re not wasting any time. We are headed south tomorrow before we’re trapped in a cold north winter.