Today we did a lot of work – it’s what we do sometimes. We followed that up with a peak at the van. We know we have a small anti-freeze/coolant leak for a little while now but since it has gotten colder we seem to be leaving more drips on the pavement. Our radiator is starting to show its age.

2011 09 15 Starts of a problem2011 09 20 ClassicOur friend is gave us a hand and took a look at everything. He put a little pressure gauge on our radiator, pumped some air in to increase the pressure and help identify the problems spots. We noted one immediately and then a close look at the back side of the radiator showed it was slowly ‘weeping’. This means either a new core or a whole radiator replacement. The original is solid though, proper copper – they really don’t make them like that anymore.

2011 09 20 Diagnostician2011 09 20 Added pressure showing us the weak spots We’re going to be taking the next couple days to get that fixed, plus installing the fuel pump at the same time and we’ll be good as new.

2011 09 20 Another classicWe treated ourselves to another good proper meal – benefits of an oven and realised just how tired we were. It didn’t take long for the effects of a good meal and a long day to kick in.

2011 09 20 TuckeredWe’ve been hitting the mornings pretty early lately these days – hopefully it’s only temporary.