Too hot to handle

We struggled again with the van today – after changing out the radiator there is still air in the cooling system which just doesn’t want to go anywhere. Unfortunately, when there is air in the system it will not function correctly until it’s released (i.e. burped). In the morning Andrew tried a suggestion from one of the books we have access to. It said to burp a coolant system you should try putting the radiator cap on loosely (to the first locked position) and drive around for several minutes. The theory is that the added pressure from the working engine will help move the coolant and the air which can easily escape from the radiator through the partially closed cap. We were ecstatic to get the heater working and find the coolant lines all too hot to hold – these are good indicators that we were successful and that the coolant is flowing.

Later in the day we put some final touches on the radiator install by properly attaching the smaller transmission radiator.

2011 09 30 Naked van2011 09 30 Transmission cooler2011 09 30 Final fixtures for the transmission coolerAfter we re-attached the grill we decided to venture out on to the highway things started to go south in a hurry. The temperature gauge started to rise and just didn’t want to stop. We pulled over and waited for the engine to cool. After about 15 minutes we pointed ourselves back the way we came, making it only 800 metres before having to stop again. We waited for it to cool for another 20 minutes, and added some more coolant to replace what spewed out and repeated 3 more times before we made it back the 5 kilometres we drove in the first place.

2011 09 30 Hot messA bit of a rollercoaster of a day, we were really hoping to have this sorted out so that we could be on the road on Saturday. I guess we’re doing more of the same tomorrow instead.