Sugar rush

We actually found some stores open in Skagway today. Though, most were in process of closing for the season.
As we wandered into the local ice cream and candy store they announced a 75% off sale on everything in their store. So, with a $10 burning a hole in our pocket, we took full advantage. I imagine 10 dollars hasn’t stretched this far on candy in about 20 years.

2011 09 26 Candy haul2011 09 26 Discount ice creamThe local hot dog vendor was also on sale – selling her hotdogs for $1 so she could be out of there in the next 15 minutes. Sweet. We investigated the other stores too and the rest of the town but generally, we don’t purchase souvenirs or clothing unless it’s absolutely necessary. Our space is very limited.

2011 09 26 Visitors centre2011 09 26 Skagway view We ended up leaving later, and eating far more sugar, than intended but we did finally hit the road.

2011 09 26 Inuksuk garden2011 09 26 inuksuk2011 09 26 Windy armWe made it to Whitehorse in surprisingly good time, considering our past track record. Somedays a trip like that can take the whole day. When we arrived we found that the parts for our van were not so speedy. They are delayed somewhere between Alberta and the Yukon – held up by some flooding. Hopefully not the same conditions we will encounter when we head south but time will tell. We should see some parts tomorrow. Hopefully.