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Staying cool

Today after work we continued the van projects. I worked on removing a faulty coolant hose that was installed by a mechanic last year. He correctly noted that the original pipe was extremely worn and ready for replacement but failed to install a moulded pipe on the 90 degree fitting. Instead, a straight pipe was used and several months later the pipe now had a bulge and will eventually fail. As you would expect it to when a straight pipe gets folded and forced with liquid. The moulded pipe was really cheap so I can’t understand why it wasn’t installed in the first place. We’ve been carrying a new spare pipe around for a little while now but it required the coolant to be partially drained before it could be switched. With no radiator, now was the perfect time.

2011 09 29 Bulging coolant hose  non moulded2011 09 29 Correct moulded pipe replacementAt the same time, Andrew got to work on replacing our worn transmission mount. A simple task which involves supporting the transmission at the dire shaft, unbolting and removing old mount and installing the new one in the reverse order of removal.

2011 09 29 Inspecting the situation2011 09 29 Transmission mount removal2011 09 29 Tranny mount comparisonOur buddy reinstalled the radiator for us and refilled the coolant before starting the van. The bus fired up quickly and was left to run to allow everything to warm up. We had left the doghouse off and walked away from the van for a couple minutes – everything was looking promising. When the guys went back out I expected them to return fairly quickly after shutting everything down – but after 10 minutes they still hadn’t returned. I went out to see what was going on and found them mopping coolant off of every surface (both inside and out of the van). There was some air in the lines which moved along the system and came out through the radiator dropped onto the propellor shaft which threw coolant everywhere.

2011 09 29 Radiator exploding coolant2011 09 29 Vapourised coolantAir in the cooling system prevents it from functioning properly – if it’s not ‘burped’ properly the heater wont work, the engine will overheat, and some permanent damage can result. So the rest of the evening was spent trying to burp the van. Unfortunately despite the mess, we were unsuccessful.

Van burpLooks like we have more van time tomorrow.