Skagway, Closed

We took a drive over to the panhandle of Alaska today to visit Skagway. The US town is a favourite of Yukon locals because it is fairly close to Whitehorse (175kms | 110 miles) and the scenery makes for a very nice little drive.

2011 09 25 Emerald Lake YT2011 09 25 Contrasting seasons2011 09 25 The road to Skagway2011 09 25 Valley between the bordersAlong the way we hit a mini snow ‘storm’. We were shocked as it came out of nowhere – I’m not sure either of us were all that eager to see this, let alone so early in the year.

2011 09 25 Snow in Carcross YTGoing to Skagway also meant we were going to cross a border to lose our tomatoes if we didn’t eat them. So we had a salad for breakfast and found our olive oil to be frozen solid. Another sign its time to move south.

2011 09 25 Frozen oilArriving in the town it was reminiscent of Dawson, YT – wooden boardwalks and colourful store fronts. It did posses it’s own feel though – somewhat more touristy than authentic. After a bit of wondering around we found that practically every store was closed. It was a sunday, but it was looking more permanent than that. Stores windows were covered, trucks were being loaded. The place was a ghost town. Apparently the last cruise ship left on Friday – after that everyone shut down for the season.

2011 09 25 Little Old Skagway2011 09 25 Boardwalks and brightly painted stores2011 09 25 Mountain2011 09 25 Rail Xing2011 09 25 Red Onion Saloon2011 09 25 We finally found Palin2011 09 25 Ghost town2011 09 25 Smart crow getting insects from the grill2011 09 25 Seal in the harbour2011 09 25 Views of the harbour entrance2011 09 25 Delivery2011 09 25 Spotted seal2011 09 25 You don t find logs like this anymore2011 09 25 The 129 ton snow plow circa 18992011 09 25 White Pass Yukon RouteWe had an overpriced undersized meal at one of the few open restaurants and did what anyone would do on a nice sunny day – we napped. By the evening, we made ourselves some dinner and ventured out to see the ‘night life’, or lack thereof. The Red Onion told us they closed 5 minutes earlier due to the lack of patrons – we unfortunately, could not convince them to re-open. So we tried the local brewery instead, chatting with a local for the evening about a myriad of interesting topics and camping on a residential street for the night. It’s nice to be back on the road again – even if only temporarily.