‘shroom coffee

Andrew’s take on mushroom coffee: “it’s like licking a tire”. These are unbiased reviews.

2011 09 19 Reishi CafeAndrew worked through the night to get his deadline this morning and he won the war. Sleep, however, was a major casualty. After a few hours of sleep, a shower and some food he was still pretty out of it. We went and got him some coffee, finding acquaint cute little place downtown. We walked in and ordered and then asked if they had wifi, to which we were promptly laughed at. We had stumbled upon a tiny organic coffee house which serves an ancient Chinese mushroom called Reishi in their tea and coffee.

2011 09 19 Supposedly Healthy CoffeeWe did not realise this before ordering but gave it a shot. Unfortunately it’s not flavourless, as advertised but it wasn’t horrific.  I’m sure you would ultimately get used to it but its not an every day thing. The lady serving us was explaining we had to “pay attention to how we felt afterwards” – this was looking more and more interesting.

We did as ordered and can report that Andrew didn’t really have too much of a reaction, besides being able to stay awake on his limited sleep. I on the other hand, ended up turning into a little furnace. This, being a 180 degree change from my typical cold hands – I could have wandered around in the 5 degree weather in a t-shirt with no problem. It definitely was interesting.

2011 09 19 Puppy dog eyesWe plan on giving it another try before we leave and see if we imagined these effects or not.