Pricey Leak

Today we kicked off early and went to go investigate some radiator solutions. We have two options really: replace the radiator, or re-core it. Both of which we’ve found, are expensive.

We wandered over to the local shop – which by the way has a fantastically catchy slogan – “a good place to take a leak”. They quoted us about $400 plus ($40 for rush shipping from the supplier) to replace the core and said it would be ready sometime next week.

2011 09 22 A great place to take a leakWe also went to price out a new one and found it to be either $470 of $610 depending on if we have the super duty or the light duty one. We’re not sure because she runs really cool compared to other van owners we’ve talked to. The biggest downside is it the parts would only arrive on Monday because we missed their two day shipping deadline. Bummer.

Both options have us waiting until next week which is a little frustrating, but it is our own fault for not checking sooner. We weighed out the pros and cons of a re-built vs. new and think we’re going to go with new because we can at least have a warranty. It would have been ideal to get this all sorted out over the weekend so we could start heading south again. Nevertheless – no work was started on the van. Theres no point until we have the parts.

2011 09 22 SunsetInstead we just enjoyed our afternoon. The sun was out and it was a gorgeous day, which is fitting because it is the last official day of summer. The three-day forecast has clouds and rain every day which motivates us even more to get a move on!

2011 09 22 Last day of summer2011 09 22 Starry starry night2011 09 22 So pretty