No Dice

We continued to work on the van today. Andrew spent 5 minutes replacing our PCV valve, which just about rounds out the maintenance on our valve covers. We then turned our attention to the fuel pump once again. With our new wrench set, vice grips and liquid PB we were hopeful that we could get the bolt off.

2011 09 09 The toolsUnfortunately though, after another hour of going at it and we weren’t successful. It didn’t budge at all.

2011 09 09 FrustratedIt’s a tricky situation because if we damage it to the point of getting it off we might render it useless for reinstallation which would mean the van couldn’t go anywhere. This is not an option. If we leave it (for the next few days), who knows, it could be fine or it could be a major issue.

2011 09 09 Sprayed down and strippedWe’ve also talked to the auto parts folks and found that a new hard fuel line between the pump and the carb would require a customized fabrication. If we can avoid it, this is not my preference because this particular line is fairly complex.

2011 09 09 DefeatedSo we put that on pause and gave the PB bolt loosener a try on the stubborn bolt for our belts and had no luck. Maybe we’re just being too gentle?
2011 09 09 The bolt stopping us from changing our beltsWith nothing really working out we decided to just pack it in with plans to continue on the road tomorrow. We spent time under the van while it was running and saw no leaks. We will check again tomorrow. It’s pretty much all we can do. We will be watching it closely until we can get it repaired.