Night Rainbow

We finally managed it – in the wee hours of the morning we dragged our sleepy bodies outside to find a light-show of epic proportions.

2011 09 27 Intense2011 09 27 Northern bus 2011 09 27 Northern lights stretching east to west2011 09 27 Kisses under the green sky2011 09 27 Firebus at the end of the RainbowWe froze our buns off in -4C for over an hour and a half while we watched the northern lights dance across the sky, constantly changing shapes and even managing some colours.

2011 09 27 Hand in hand2011 09 27 A little flair2011 09 27 Dancing in the skyIt was truly beautiful (and we can now check that one off our list).

2011 09 27 AmazingWe went to bed around 3 am and woke up again at 6:30 am to find a nice heavy frost. It was not going to be a warm day…

2011 09 27 Frosty morning2011 09 27 Cold Steel2011 09 27 Over Whitehorse

Despite a great start to the day it the parts for the van still didn’t arrive so we’re hanging out in Whitehorse until we can get them. The weather is changing fast around here – I really hope they make it tomorrow.