We hoped to get out to the State Fair today but it didn’t really work out. Instead, we had to make the trip back to Anchorage to see if our gas cap was salvaged. We expected a minimum 2 hour round trip, but with afternoon rush hour traffic and a different trooper pulled over and issuing a ticket every 7 miles, our trip was that much longer.

Luckily it was there, safe at the attendants booth, and all is now well. We are beyond happy that the van is no longer naked. Though, we have resigned ourselves to the idea that the fuel mileage on this tank is shot.

2011-09-01-Found.jpgTo make our trip worth it, we visited Moose Tooth’s Restaurant- a place we found yesterday and it left an impression. Few places can achieve an overflowing parking lot at 1pm on a Wednesday. After speaking to some folks it seems our instincts were right; the place is an institution. They are known for good pizza and locally brewed beer. It’s too bad we had to find this out after our experience with Papa John’s a couple nights back. The downside is that they don’t seem to allow you to call ahead for reservations, and, there is generally a perpetual 45 minutes wait for a table. Having recently eaten some delicious moose burgers before leaving, and it being busy as ever, we just ended up splitting a beer and enjoying some sunshine.

2011-09-01-Moose burgers (Cellphone snap).jpg2011-09-01-Soaking in the sun (Cellphone snap).jpg2011-09-01-The lineup (Cellphone snap).jpg