Got wood? Sep24


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Got wood?

Today we learned lots of lumberjack terminology as we did some good honest physical labour to follow up on the chill Friday we had. We got to see what it was involved in getting one of the many loads of wood required to be set for the winter. But before starting the real hard work, Andrew helped buck some wood (i.e. cut into burnable lengths) to clear out the last load from the truck.

2011 09 24 Bucking woodIn the afternoon we all ventured out to collect wood at a site which had a forest forest in 1998. The wood here is already seasoned (i.e. ready to burn, no drying needed).

2011 09 24 Ready for the fire2011 09 24 LumberjillIt’s actually a great spot, even after 13 years theres very little regrowth and the trees which remain standing are for the most part already limbed (no branches or leaves) and are ready to be felled (chopped down) and bucked. All you need is a permit.

2011 09 24 Starting to fell some trees2011 09 24 Empty but not for long2011 09 24 Loading2011 09 24 Last tie downs2011 09 24 Good looking bunch of wood2011 09 24 Full load2011 09 24 Good team2011 09 24 Just a tad dirty2011 09 24 Proud of our jobWhen you work hard, you play hard – we spent the evening at a bonfire gathering. A staple of the north.

2011 09 24 Set for the winter