Denali Delight

Yesterday we covered a lot of ground and, on three occasions we seemed to stumble upon a local “makeout spot”. It’s not the first time, but three in one day has to be a record.

2011 09 12 Autumn RiverbedThis afternoon we continued driving north up through Denali State Park. Despite having driven the parks highway before in the south direction, the fall colours and better visibility made it a completely different drive. Mount Denali however, was hidden again today, making me appreciate even more that we got to see it yesterday.

2011 09 12 Elusive Mt Denali2011 09 12 One of many pull off shots2011 09 12 Peaks in the distance2011 09 12 Hurricane Gulch AK2011 09 12 Bridge2011 09 12 Sillyness2011 09 12 Unimaginable scale2011 09 12 Abandoned carWe had drizzle and clouds this morning but the further north we got the better it started to look. The one thing I’m learning about Alaska though, the weather can be change if you drive for a while.

2011 09 12 180 beauty2011 09 12 Picturesque2011 09 12 More sharp mountains2011 09 12 Endless mountain topsAnd that it did. By the time we hit Cantwell and turned onto the Denali Highway the weather had improved – it was no longer raining and the visibility was fairly reasonable with the sun making an appearance every so often.

2011 09 12 Start of the Denali Highway2011 09 12 Dirt roads and yellow trees2011 09 12 Dinosaur mountains2011 09 12 Denali Highway views2011 09 12 Firebus on the DenaliWe drove for about two hours and only covered about 30 miles. Needless to say we stopped quite a bit and took way too many photos (again) – on really beautiful days like today with scenery that makes you feel like you’re the first person to ever see, we don’t bat an eyelash at 300-400 photos. We really do have a photography problem.

2011 09 12 Swallow in flight2011 09 12 Outstreached sky2011 09 12 Red blueberry bushes2011 09 12 Snowcapped peaks2011 09 12 Stunning contrast2011 09 12 Rising moon2011 09 12 Camp for the night2011 09 12 Cooking dinner