Autumn in Alaska

Last night it got dark before we found somewhere to sleep so we just park near a river in Copper Landing. In the morning we found there was a campsite on the other side – although it was already closed for the season.

2011 09 15 River bedSo we headed over to the Copper Lodge for breakfast and some wi-fi. Not the most special place in the world, but a little teacup dog and I made friends and we got some work done.

2011 09 15 Teacup something  Cellphone snapLater, we got back onto the Richardson Highway and headed North. We didn’t make it all that far – finding a nice perch to enjoy the sunshine and get a bit accomplished. We pretty much stayed the day until the clouds started to roll in from the direction of Valdez – a definite sign we need to keep moving.

2011 09 15 Lookout over Copper Center2011 09 15 Blue skies2011 09 15 Overlook 2011 09 15 Eagle fishing2011 09 15 River2011 09 15 Richardson Highway on the left and TransAlaskan Pipeline on the rightWe got gas in Glennallen before driving north on to Tok. I must say, the gas stations lately have been really overpriced and under-cared for. The one in Cantwell, up by the west end of the Denali Highway, was $1.20/L (18 cents per litre more than we had been paying) and the bathrooms were so bad it would be more humane to just go pee outside. Glennallen was similar story, but not as bad. Not a reflection of the Alaska we’d been seeing over the past few weeks, but today has just been one of those days. Between the lodge and the gas stations, it looks like everyone has just given up – tourist season is over so why bother, right?

2011 09 15 Mountain2011 09 15 Lots of snow2011 09 15 HorizonSo we’re packing it in too – despite the sunshine today, the temperature was still below 10C. I think I have been in denial about the summer being over, but the trees and the temperatures don’t lie. Just sitting in one spot for most of the day we were both convinced trees were turning more yellow and orange as time passed. At this point, Alaska isn’t going to break out a 30C day just to humour us… (not that it ever even got close).

2011 09 15 Autumn