Wi-fi woes Aug03


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Wi-fi woes

What can I say, it’s Wednesday. We’ve been at the mercy of available internet all week, and today is no different. We went to our trusty spot to get some wi-fi and found it to be unreliable – so we had to get creative, to no avail. The local coffee shop was packed, always a good sign but unfortunately the internet was dog-slow for it. This pushed us towards Starbucks, which had internet that neither of us could connect to. Stellar.

On the plus side, the Yukon visitors center area has been a great base – allowing us to park for free for the entire day and likely night if we needed. If only they had internet they’d be perfect. Hanging out in the area though we’ve seen some interesting RV type vehicles coming through Whitehorse.

2011-08-03-Mobile home.jpg2011-08-03-Heavy duty.jpgWe’re finding the town to have quite a good vibe though. Its the biggest small town around for miles.

2011-08-03-Yukon River.jpg2011-08-03-Art 2011-08-03-Fireweed.jpgBy the evening we just called it quits and went over to a pub. Good local beer with some darts and we were happy campers once again.