What a day

We’ve had a bit of a rough day today so this all might sound a little woe-as-us.

The rain has been pouring since the wee hours of the morning and since washing the van we found a bit of a weak spot in our deflated 35 year old door seal/weather stripping. This means we have a bit of a leak. The curtain has been absorbing the worst of it but that’s hardly a solution. We’re not overly concerned it’s more of an annoyance, particularly because the replacement seals are difficult to source.

After breakfast and some more “super absorbant” paper towel in the door jam we were ready to hit the road. Unfortunately the van wasn’t having any of it. She didn’t want to start – at all. This has never happened before. Occasionally we’d get some resistance when the weather is cold or wet but the engine always turns over. So we began to run through the scenarios: Battery? nope, full. Alternator? nope, the battery is full and it’s an issue at starting. Starter? nope, the engine is actually trying to turn. Oil? nope, and no leaks on the ground either. A bit more muddling around and then thought we may have flooded the engine. We left it for a bit and tried again. No luck. Back to square one – simple engine mechanics for starting; you need a spark, and some gas and oxygen. Gas.. do we have gas? it turns out we likely didn’t – we neglected to check our odometer and since we rolled in last night under our own power so it was certainly not our first realization. Happy we figured it out, I went and dumped our gerry can into her and tried to start. Nothing…. crap.

2011-08-31-Not cool (Cellphone snap).jpgOk, no problem, we just have to roll to get the gas to swish into the right spots. Tried that – still nothing. Now I was really starting to think we actually had an issue. I had to run off to the girls room and by the time I was back Andrew had her running. Great! No big deal after-all. Our trusty bus continues to be trusty – we just can’t forget to feed her.

Once we were going we trotted on to the auto parts stores in town and grabbed the oil filler cap gasket, and oil filter that we’ve been on the look out for. We also visited the gas store and filled up before continuing north about 40 miles to visit some friends.

2011-08-31-Don't look at me.jpgWe had a good afternoon. Andrew and I got to test out a chainsaw for the first time and try our hand at lumber-jacking. I wasn’t a fan of the chainsaw but did enjoy the electric wood splitter. Three of us made quick work of it, adding a bit to the winter pile and giving Andrew and I a taste of life in the north.

2011-08-31-Lumberjack.jpg2011-08-31-Dry wood ready for chopping.jpg2011-08-31-Making quick work of the pile.jpgAll was good until we were walking up to the van and immediately noticed something wrong.

2011-08-31-What is missing.jpgOur poor gas cap had been forgotten back in Anchorage. By this point, stores were closed but I called anyway and left a message pleading for them to hold on to the little orange cap if they found it. It was bound to happen at some point during this journey, but the feeling of loosing that-which-is-not-easy-to-replace is somewhat deflating.

2011-08-31-Lost gas cap.jpgAll we can do is go back tomorrow and hope they found it – otherwise it looks like we’ll need another trip to the auto parts store.