Warms the Soul

This morning we woke up in a rest area. Given the number of great camping opportunities we’ve found in Alaska so far we would have liked a slightly more imaginative spot, but sometimes the sun sets before you find it. We continued on through Denali State Park, with the rain pouring the whole way.Along the way we found others had a similar idea, although it looked like they weren’t going anywhere in this weather.

2011-08-18-All set up.jpgWe tried to see Mt Denali (aka. McKinley) the tallest mountain in the USA. At 20,327 feet, it should be easy. No such luck – it was in a huge cloud.

2011-08-18-Mt Denali in the Distance.jpgWe did however spot a moose, blurry as she may be.

2011-08-18-Blurry moose.jpgWe drove to Wasilla and the weather improved as we went more south. Within a city limits we found a car parts place, grabbing as many available parts as possible. It seems the oil filler cap gasket will need to be found in Anchorage along with a couple other things. We topped up our coolant and drove on.

2011-08-18-Adding some coolant.jpgStopping in for some coffee along the Wasilla Palmer highway we found a great spot. The portions were giant. A bowl of soup costing $7 was served in something the size of a small mixing bowl. I ordered a small cup of joe and got this massive cup the same size of the small plate. It was all pretty good.

2011-08-18-Snack.jpgThough, I think all the sugar got to our head though because I accidentally spilt crumbs all over my computer in a fit of discoordination. While I was busy laughing at myself, Andrew accidentally dropped one of the headphones straight into the rest of our drink. The result was quite comical and a good demonstration of why computers and food don’t mix.

2011-08-18-Oops.jpgOur evening was spent with some new friends that we met back in BC. We had a fabulous time chatting up a storm and eating at a great restaurant serving warm stew and blackened Alaskan salmon. Between the company and the food, it was all totally perfect for a rainy chilly day like today.