Sunny North

Last night went well – we were happy with being able to successfully find somewhere in town to boondock. Inuvik is home to only about 3500 people and if there’s anything you learn about small towns, it’s that you’re never going to go 100% unnoticed – especially if you’re not a local.

2011-08-08-Last night's accomodations.jpgWe spent most of the morning in what we can figure is the only coffee shop in town. They have good wi-fi and that makes life easy for us.

One of the great surprises up here so far, has been the weather – we were not expecting such mild weather, although we’re certainly not complaining.

2011-08-08-Sunshine (Cellphone snap).jpgWe had some good sunshine so where we could we enjoyed some time outside. Taking a stroll through town. We’ll grab some more photos tomorrow.

2011-08-08-On the outskirts of town.jpgThe sun has dried up all the mud and van is now dirty as ever. Though despite the good weather we’ve opted not to wash her until after our drive back in a day or two.

2011-08-08-So dirty.jpgIn the evening, we tried to go out for dinner in hopes for a taste of the local cuisine.  I found a place online which looked like just what we were looking for. Unfortunately it seems it was torn down recently. So we tried a few other places like the main hotel’s restaurant in town but they were just cooking the same old pasta and steak type meals. When we asked if they knew of a local-type restaurant with cultural dishes we got funny looks. Is it so much to ask that when you’re in the arctic you have the choice getting the full experience by getting to eat some of the local meats like Arctic Red Fish, Caribou, Moose, something, anything? Maybe I’m being niave in thinking this is what locals eat? Nevertheless we still want to try it but I guess it wont be here. So, instead of spending money on overpriced restaurant pasta, we just made our own, opened some wine, and watched the sun sink slowly away.